Ladies ladies, settle down.
Finally, the much-anticipated video, "Ten Reasons to Lift Weights with Your Vagina" has been posted by "liberation master" and sex coach, Kim Anami. Fine, so maybe you never knew there was even one good argument for lifting weights with your vagina, but behold: there are ten -- or so Anami claims.
While some reasons seem a little fishy, a few hold true. Let's take a closer look at Anami's claims:

1. Kegels don't work

This “fact” is widely disputed by doctors and women’s physical therapists. Kegels can strengthen vaginal muscles without resistance in the same way yoga strengthens the core with a pose. Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman told The Huffington Post that women who find kegels (the act of contracting muscles in the pelvic floor) ineffective might be suffering from pelvic floor damage, or more likely, they might be doing them incorrectly.