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 A set of twins heirs to heiress  Doris Duke's $1 million inheritance seek justice for years of abuse suffered at the hands of caregiver who beat them, forced them to eat their own feces and made them play Russian Roulette as children.

They spoke out  at their first television interview on Thursday.

The twins Georgia and Patterson Inman, 16,  recounted how they endured years of abuse by caregivers hired by their meth-addicted Father Walter 'Skipper' Inman Jr, nephew of Doris Duke.

They lived with their father until he died of an over dose in 2010, they now live with their mother, Daisha and will inherit part of the Duke fortune when they turn 21.

Their stories of abuse contrast sharply with the way they lived their lives - Taking Diamonds to school for show-and- tell, holidaying in  Fiji, keeping exotic pets like camels and chimps.

'People see this luxurious  life but at the same time we were living in hell' Patterson told Dr. Phil in the exclusive interview,, that aired on Thursday.

The alleged abuse began when their parents divorced and their father , who received an estimated $90,000 monthly allowance gained custody of them in 2000, when the twins were two years old..

In the years to follow they were burned with boiling water made to slay in a feces lined basement and made to live for days without food and locked behind dead bolted doors, they told Dr. Phil.

Georgia recounted a putrid stink that permeated their Wyoming mansion and how they were fed stale food in a rat-infested home where babysitters would come and go.

They would play Russian Roulette with us' Georgia said of their caretakers, 'They thought it was funny, they'd load the gun spin it and shoot at me and my brother'.
She claimed that they also tied her feet, taped her mouth and made her eat her own sick from the carpet, she got mad when i couldn't eat it, she said of one of the paid nannies.
Her brother recalls another time the nannies made him eat his own feces.
He said they feed him the feces pretending it was food.

The abuse did not come from only the caregivers, they said their Father was also one of them

We got placed in hot water,' she said. 'It'd scold us really bad. I thought my skin was melting away. It feels like you're on fire.'
But Georgia said the abuse didn't just come at the hands of their caretakers.
"While Patterson has fond memories of his father - blowing up vehicles, collecting guns and speaking to hookers aboard boats in New Zealand - Georgia's thoughts are not so happy.
She told Dr Phil that her father also beat them, punching them in their faces and heads. Her brother refused to speak about the claims.
'He would pick me up by the ankle and just drop me on my head because he wanted to make me stupid,' Georgia claimed. 'He used to slice my feet up with knives.'
They both claimed they saw their father overdose regularly and that adults had told them to revive him by splashing cold water on his face.

Speaking out: The twins spoke candidly with Dr Phil in their first television interview

Patterson added that their friends' parents never wanted to bring their children to the home because of their dad's penchant for pornography and because he liked to walk around naked.
'[The money] didn't matter to me,' Georgia said. 'If someone were to look at me and say "wow", I would say let's try lives. I just wanted to be free. I was trapped because of it.'

She claimed that her father even gave people wads of cash to silence them when they saw the children being abused.
'There's no hope when that happens,' she said. 'I thought I was going to be dead.'
But they weren't just witnesses to their own abuse. In one particularly frightening episode when they were four years old, they saw a man killed in front of them, they said.
They were in a kitchen in Japan where a man endured a grim assault for stealing; their father warned them that they would be punished similarly if they ever stole.

'They put him on a chair,' Patterson recounted. 'They stripped him nude. They were sticking an object - bamboo - between the splits in the chair. They did it nice and slowly.'
The bamboo was placed inside the man and he was slowly speared to death, the twins said. Georgia added that a man also sliced open his stomach, leaving his intestines to fall out.
'I was scared, I was crying,' Patterson said, breaking down. 'I was terrified. I tried to grab on to my father. He brushed me away. I think this whole thing was about stealing. It really messed with my head a lot.'
Now the twins are hoping to bring their abusers - the babysitters who were paid to care for them as their father and stepmother abused drugs - to justice.

'I want these people to be put away,' Patterson said, beginning to smile. 'I want to see all these people in a jail cell with me giving a thumbs up.
'I'm pissed off. I'm coming after the bastards. This is a battle cry. This is serious. They're going down.

'I don't want to be a victim. I want to be a victor.'
Since the death of their father, the twins have not had an easy life.
Their money is currently locked up in a legal dispute between their mother Daisha - the fourth wife of Walker Inman Jr - and Mr Inman's fifth wife and their mother has made headlines on numerous occasions as she battles to get access to the children's money.
The trust is run by JPMorgan, who said in court filings last year that it had to reign in payments after the twins' mother requested exorbatant amounts to treat them.
Ms Inman has argued that the trustees have gone too far and neglected to pay the children's legitimate expenses.

Source:Daily Mail
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