Monday, 30 June 2014

Young Nigerian Girl Narrates How She Became Divorced At 14!

Beaten: Maimuna Abdullahi, left, is pictured recently at the school in Nigeria which has taken her in after her ordeal
          Maimuna Abdullahi, left, is pictured recently at the school
in Nigeria which has taken her in after her ordeal

A typical case of the child bride caught the attention of DailyMail  this report was published on their website:  It` is long but worth it.

    Maimuna Abdullahi was sold into marriage by her parents for £120 and abused by her new husband, who locked her away and forced hard labour on her.

    When she ran home she was beaten, first by her father, then her husband, and was summarily divorced by her husband for daring to flee - and she is still just 14 years old. She is one of thousands in Nigeria with similar stories - and, shockingly, her husband blames his beaten former bride for her ordeal, saying she was disobedient and over-educated.


PHOTO: The Most Unusual Women's Magazine Cover Picture You Have Ever Seen

turia pitt

Women's magazines are typically covered by Hollywood starlets or in-demand supermodels. Although Turia Pitt is neither, her cover of Australia's Women's Weekly makes for one seriously inspirational example against the status quo.

Pitt is a 26-year-old burn victim who suffered burns to 65 percent of her body three years ago when she was caught in a brushfire while running an ultra-marathon in Australia. She underwent 100 surgeries and spent more than 864 days in the hospital fighting for her life.

7 Things You Personally Should Avoid As A Parent-Mike Reynolds

I came across this piece by Mike Reynolds on Huffpost and I could not stop laughing reading it. There is absolutely no hard and fast rule about raising your kids. Don't be cowed by critics.

I was inspired by a friend who one day noted that any time she read a list written by "experts" about things she should never do as a parent, she inevitably failed at a minimum of 80 percent of those things. I fail at closer to 100 percent. I put my kids to bed too early, or I put them to bed too late. I let them cry too much, or I shouldn't have let them sleep in our bed. I fed them solid foods too early, or fed them the wrong ones, or kids shouldn't be eating steak at six months.

Rita Ora's See-Through Fashion Fail

rita ora

See through dress are trending right now and Ora Rita wanted a piece of the action. She effort has however being judged a fashion gurus.
Huffpost says: Ora didn't get the see-through trend right. This look is far more hoochie than haute! 
I think this a lot better than what we got from Rihanna.
Guys what's your take, sexy or trashy?

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Elton John: Jesus Would Support Same-Sex Marriage


 Elton John in an interview with Sky News this week said, Jesus Christ would not only approve of same-sex marriage, he'd even support gay priests tying the knot
Chatting with Sky News about gay rights and Christianity, the 67-year-old Grammy winner said he believes that gay clergymen should absolutely be allowed to get married and have sexual relationships.

"These are old and stupid things," John said of the restrictions that prevent gay priests from marrying and having sex. "If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this could not happen. He was all about love and compassion… and that's what the church should be about." 

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Soccer

1. In 2013, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo opened a museum dedicated to himself in his hometown of Fulchan

The 28-year-old’s museum is reportedly home to 125 individual and team awards that he has earned over the years, along with a life-size statute of the player in his Portuguese national jersey.

“Here is the evidence of what I have won, no one will take it away from here and these were things I wanted to share with my fans, to show them what I have already achieved,” Ronaldo reportedly said.

Ronaldo said the museum had space for additional awards that may be bestowed upon him in the future — a  likely reference to the 2013 Ballon d’Or award, which is given to the world’s top player.

Actress Uche Ogbodo Dumped Her Sick Husband In Hospital

According to SDK Uche Ogbodo was in tears during the telephone interview she granted SDK. If that was true and i see no reason why Stella would  lie, the Uche must be very heartless if this story is true.

 From latest information coming out in actress Uche Ogbodo's marriage break up saga, it appears she dumped her husband because the man is battling with some challenges. Uche had told SDK that the man lied to her and she even claimed that he never married her, adding "we did only introduction".

But the man, who is based abroad, has just went through a brain surgery and he is still recovering. He almost cried when he heard all that the actress he married as his wife said about him. Details below...

PHOTO: Dangote endorses Dbanj's Koko GarriNJ


Billoniare Aliko Dangote poses with Dbanj, holding Dbanj's "Koko Garri". Sugar merchant and garri merchant....what else do we need to complete this picture? Groundnut and pure water!!! Lunch is ready!!!

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Queen Of England Has Worn The Same Shoes For 50 years (PHOTOS)

You wont believe this, but if what you are about to read is true, then you have to agree with me that it is amzaing.
Imagine wearing the same shoes for 50 years!! Yes,the 88 year old Queen of England does.. the classic black shoe costs about £1,000 and she's been rocking the same pair for 50 years years and re-heeling them when they wear out. She initially started out with a brown pair in 1969,but switched to black and hasn't worn any other shoe since then..It takes a team of four to produce the shoes..

That says a lot about her personality as a faithful woman,despite most of the scandals and divorce which rocks royal families,she has been married since 1947 to Prince Philip, Duke of  Edinburgh .He is the longest-serving, oldest-ever spouse of a reigning British monarch, and the longest-lived male member of the British royal family.

1984, 1987, 1990, 1993

1994, 1996, 2004, 2006

2012, 2014

The shoes

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Hilarious Pictures From New Movie 'About To Wed'

All Stars Movies Production Ltd. has released the poster for its movie starring Olu Jacobs, Ngozi Ezeonu, Ini Edo, Clem Ohameze, Oma Iyasara and Mike Godson.
This hilarious pics are from the set of movie 'ABOUT TO WED'

More photos below:

Bread And Butter Celebrities And The Mess Of Failed Marriages


Etcetera is back with another thought  provoking article for our celebrities, good sense he makes if you ask me.
If you listen to relationship programmes on radio, you would notice that many Nigerians are indeed struggling with their relationships and marriages and they are all seeking help. And because they do not have a glaring media attention serialising their issues, making judgments, giving strong commentary, poking them emotionally, there are chances of their relationships and marriages problems being solved.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

How pupils In Oyo Community School Drink Cattle Urine

In the midst of plenty it is really disheartening to known that some communities in Nigeria still dont have portable water.
This report is lenghty but is worth the read, it was taken from PUNCH

In Opoo, a remote community at the outskirts of Okaka in Itesiwaju Local Government Area of Oyo State, life is a different mix for Abiola Bankole and her two little siblings – Yemi and Ibukun.
Their school, Community Primary School Opoo, boasts only three classrooms with no basic facilities to support any meaningful academic exercise. Two out of the three classrooms have their roof completely blown off by the wind while the only surviving one shared by the entire school of about 150 pupils is half way from finally caving.

Nursing Mother In Big Trouble For Exposing Armed Robber Husband

It was clear Kate Olowu was very tense when she opened the door of their residence on 39 Unity Street, in the Egan area of Igando, Lagos, after several knocks on Monday evening.

But when the young, fair-complexioned woman peered through the doorway and spoke in a timid voice to first inquire the reason for our correspondents’ visit, there was little doubt that she was a young woman. She later revealed that she was 19 years old.

    With a child less than two weeks old, Kate has reasons to be tense. Her life seems to have taken a tumble recently, when her husband, Monday, was taken into custody in connection with a robbery gang that snatched a Toyota Camry 2000 model, belonging to a pastor, Mr. Lawal, on Monday, May 26, 2014.

Mexico’s 1st Lady Slammed for “Sexy” Magazine Cover

Angelica Rivera de Peña, is the First Lady of Mexico, she  is currently under fire for being “sexy”.
Angelica is on the cover of the July 2014 issue of fashion magazine – Marie Claire Mexico, with her daughter – who shares a striking resemblance with actress Mila Kunis.
We all know sex sells, and the world is constantly presented with alluring women on magazine covers, selling products on billboards and on the TV.

Louis Suarez Loses Sponsorship Deal Over 'Biting' Saga

Luis Suarez’s bite on Giorgio Chiellini has cost him a sponsorship deal with 888poker, the company confirmed on Friday.
Suarez was hit with a four-month ban from all football activity by FIFA on Thursday and is also banned for nine international games with Uruguay.
And the 27-year-old’s moment of madness has also hit him in the pocket: one of his main off-pitch sponsors, 888poker, has confirmed it is ending its deal with the striker.
A company statement read on Yahoo Sport: “888poker signed Luis Suarez following a fantastic season for which his achievements were widely recognized.

N20m CONTROVERSY: Charly Boy Disgraces Okorocha At His Father, Justice Oputa’s Burial

Oputa at his country home in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State was disrupted yesterday, when the first son of the former erudite judge, Charles Oputa, a.k.a Charley Boy prevented Governor Rochas Okorocha from paying tribute to his father.

Eye witnesses said that the mass which was conducted by the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rt Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Oguta, went on smoothly until Okorocha was permitted by the Bishop to pay his tribute to the fallen judge.

CANNIBAL STORIES: Japanese Man Cooked And Served His Own Genitals For $250 Per Plate

The Japanese man who cooked and served his own genitals for $250 per plate

 Mao Sugiyama, 22, who is asexual,  and a Japanese  had his genitals removed and then seasoned them before cooking them for five paying dinner party guests. Mao Sugiyama, had voluntarily undergone surgery to have them removed. However, the illustrator took his frozen penis and scrotum home from the hospital and organized a grim party.

He charged guests around $250 per person to eat his severed genitalia in Tokyo, Japan. They were garnished with mushrooms and parsley. Before tucking into dinner, guests sat down to listen to a piano recital and take part in a panel discussion.


What is she flaunting?... I salute her courage sha, it is not easy.
Well done to those who have to take care of her.
I think she lost some weight here, I have seen her bigger than this.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

PHOTO: President Obama Was Watching When Germany Beat USA.

President Barack Obama watches the match from Air Force One ..pic by BBC.

Yes....USA was beaten by the Germans under the watchful eye of President Barack Obama!!
Lucky for them that they qualified for the second round despite the defeat.
Mr. President Sir how did it feel!!!

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My baby is speechless!

Could it? What do you make of this tweet?

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What was the referee waiting for to blow the whistle. Upon all the whistle he blew against the Ghanaian during the match


What was the referee waiting for to blow the whistle. Upon all the whistle he blew against the Ghanaian during the match

Thanks to Deadspin's devotion to World Cup perviness, the world now has a GIF of the first 2014 World Cup Penis bouncing gloriously about. Yes, it is, disappointingly, wrapped. But frankly these guys should have more testicle protection than this.

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PHOTOS: Eniola Badmus Exposes Too much Of Everything

Don't know what she was thinking when she choose to wear this dress. What do you think?
This was her out fit to The City People Entertainment Awards held this past Sunday June 22nd in Lagos.
With everything on her overlapping did she need to put` on an over lapping gown to impress us? Especially when she can't sit properly in public.
See her sitting position below:

PHOTO: PDP Candidate In Osun Election Trying To Copy Fayose (MUST SEE)

What will Nigerians not see and hear from their politicians! No wonder Governor Foshola said Ayo Fayose's victory is a big threat to purposeful leadership.

So, because Fayose shared Rice and rode with Okada men on the streets of Ekiti during his campaign, Oyiola Omisore too has decided to copy the strategy for Osun election?

Will the people of Osun State  vote for this packaging too? Hmmmm..... watching!!

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 22 year old Super Eagles midfielder, Michael Babatunde, was taken off in the second half of Wednesday's game against Argentina with his arm in a cast. Most of us didn't really know it was that serious.  A scan after the match showed that he literally broke his arm after being hit by a fierce shot from Ogenyi Onazi. (see pic on the left). He's been ruled out of the 2014 World Cup.

PHOTOS: Cossy Orjiakor Goes Topless In Support Of Super Eagles


Please take your bad luck else where, our boys don't need any distractions. what is she displaying sef!! Are you guys seeing what am seeing? This girl does not have nipples o! Lets zoom to be sure, follow me....

#WORLD CUP: FIFA Bans Luis Suarez For Four Months,9 Matches And Fined $112,000


Luis Suarez is out of the FIFA 2014 World Cup for good.
Mr.  Dracula or Vampire as he has come to be popularly known, has been banned for four months from all football related activities by FIFA for biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during the Uruguay-Italy match played on June 24th.
FIFA's disciplinary committee released a statement to that effect on their website.
Read the statement below:





Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mysterious Snakes, Bees Attack Boko Haram Camp, Kill Many

Bee and Snakes to the rescue? Nigerians might find themselves thanking Bees and Snakes for rescuing them from the dreaded Boko Haram if what Some Boko Haram members are saying is true.

Some members of the sect are now fleeing from their Sambisa Forest base to local government areas across Borno State due to the invasion of their camps by Bees and Snakes in a mysterious manner, believed to be a spiritual attack.

Assemblies Of God Church Crisis Worsens As Members Clash In Enugu

 Embattled General Superintendent Of The Church, Rev. Paul Emeka

The crisis in the Assemblies of God Church Nigeria, yesterday took a different turn as members of two camps clashed leaving some people wounded.
The major cause of the clash was said to be as a result of the meeting slated to hold yesterday by the faction loyal to the Assistant General Superintendent, Rev. Chidi Okoroafor against the embattled General Superintendent of the church, Rev. Paul Emeka to review the crisis that engulfed the church at Isiagu Street, Achara Layout branch of the church.

Miracle! Woman Gives Birth After 14 Years Pregnancy In Lagos (PHOTO)

Are one of those that have stopped believing in miracles? Here is a story that might help you change your mind.
After 14 years of being pregnant, Mercy James delivered a baby girl on Saturday June 7, 2014..She named her miracle..Mercy, a single parent, said of her ordeal during the 14 years she was pregnant but could not give birth:

    “When I first took in, I knew that I was pregnant with signs and test that confirmed that I was. Four months later, I went to hospital for another test, the result showed that I wasn’t pregnant, but had fibroid.

29-Year-Old Man Arrested And Locked Up In Kano For Saying He Does NOT Believe In God (PICTURED)

A Nigerian man, Mubarak Bala, has been incarcerated in a mental health institution by his family for saying he had lost his belief in God.
Mubarak Bala, 29, is said to have been forcibly medicated for "insanity" for nearly two weeks, despite a doctor's opinion that he has no psychological problems.

Campaigners are calling for his release and say the case highlights the fact that atheists are a persecuted minority in many African countries.
Bala's Twitter account uses the handle "ExMuslim", and his profile says: "Chemical Process Engineer. I stand for Truth&Justice. Religion insults human conscience &reason, duped me that I have another lifetime. Agnostic Atheist."

Meriam Ibrahim, Sudanese Woman Sentenced Death, Freed At Last..Finally Leaves Sudan

It is a happy ending for Meriam Ibrahim and her family as she is  finally released and was able to leave Sudan with her family.
Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for Apostasy, has finally been freed after she was re-arrested at Khartoume airport as she attempted to leave Sudan with her family to an undisclosed location.

WORLD CUP: Super Eagles Are The First African Team To Qualify For Round Of 16

It was a battle royal, well fought by the Super Eagles, even though they were defeated by Argentina.
At full time it was Nigeria 2 - Argentina 3.  Argentina picked up the 3 points to top the group with 9 points, Bosnia & Herzegovina's defeat of Iran by 3 goals to 1, gave the Super Eagles the second place slot in the group with 4 points.
Nigeria is therefore the first African side to book za spot in 2014 World Cup.
Congratulations Guys!!

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Horror! Ritualists’ Den Discovered In Lagos (PICTURED)


A  man in chains was rescued from a ritualists’ den this morning in Ikorodu
The ritualists’ den was discovered  in Majidun area of Ikorodu, Lagos State.
According to reports, the den where abducted children and adults were allegedly kept as hostages is situated beside a church named Holy Family, both in the remote area of the town.

It was gathered from a member of the church, that the discovery was made on Wednesday morning, when a lady was caught with two children  inside a Ghana-must-go sack by residents of the area. The children, who were four years old were found alive and tied with a rope.
According to reports by PM News


‘World’s Sexiest Criminal’ To Make N4.8 Million Monthly (PICTURED)

Wonders!! see how women have turned a criminal into a millionaire
Jeremy Meeks must be very grateful to the police officers who put his picture on Facebook and made him an international star.
Reports have it that the 30-year-old, who has been nicknamed the world’s sexiest criminal, is being sought out by modelling agencies.
Meeks, who was arrested for illegal possession of weapons, reportedly stands to make as much as $30,000 (N4,878,0000) a month as a high-end fashion model if he gets out of jail soon.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bomb Blast At Shopping Mall In Abuja, At Least 6 killed (PHOTOS)

 A Popular  shopping complex Emab Plaza in Wuse II area of Abuja, Nigeria's capital was hit by a bomb blast a few hours ago and eyewitnesses say there are body parts scattered at the scene.

The explosion occurred at about 4p.m at the gate of the busy plaza. National Emergency Management Agency say they are unable to confirm the casualty rate just yet. This is the third deadly explosion in the Nigerian capital in two months. The extremist Boko Haram sect claimed responsibility for the previous explosions in April and May in Nyanya, a suburb of the capital.


A true professional should rely upon his or her skills, competency, reliability and good will and never hope for artificial security. Every professional  has had to bow out of a situation at least once and leave to seek another opportunity. Most of us know that it is up to us to train ourselves to be persistent and ready to grab that new job. And be darned happy we are doing what we love. “Never compromise yourself; Its the only thing you ever really have.”- Janis Joplin.



Seriously you cant be looking like this!!
Start exercising today, this is not good for your health!!


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