I can help you promote your offline/online business, start-up, seminar etc to my targeted blog readers and you will get  good value for your money
If you're interested, ad placement is billed on monthly basis per ad space, depending on the size of your ad banner.

Sponsored Post

I can publish a sponsored post about your website, blog, start up, business OR add your website address into an existing blog post as a sponsor of the post, though your site must be related to the content of the post.  Read more about sponsored posts here.

300 x 50 ad banner = N5,000 ($15) per week
==> This ad banner will be seen by those that access the blog with mobile browsers eg Opera Mini.

Ad Placement on

125 x 125 ad banner =   N5, 000 ($25) for two weeks

120 x 240 ad banner   =  N15, 000 ($75) per month

468 x 60 banner in header section (beside logo) = N30,000 ($150) per month

120 x 600 ad banner (Sidebar, All pages) =  N70, 000 ($350) per month

728 x 90 ad banner (HomePage ONLY) =  N30, 000 ($150) per month

728 x 90 ad banner in header section (ALL pages) =  N90, 000 ($450) per month


728 x 90 ad banner in header section (ALL pages) = N3, 000 ($15) per day

I will create the ad section for you once have confirmed your payment.

Text Ads

Contact me for more info about the text ads.

==> All Ad banner display on all post pages on the blog.
==> The 798x90 ad banner can be below the navigation bar or beside the logo
== > You can run your ads for a few days if you cant afford it for a month
==> If you opt for the 798 x 90 and 120 x 600 ad banners, I will also promote you via a blog post, on Facebook and on Twitter. You also get FREE ad slot on the mobile version.

For more inquiries, please email

The advert rates will be increasing as time passes get listed today!

Vivian Oghenekaro
Facebook :vivian oghenekaro
Twitter:    @cesecimi

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