Thursday, 30 January 2014

Woman Eats Make Up To Be Beautiful Inside

A woman has revealed that she is addicted to eating make-up - despite the fact that the chemicals in the products are seriously damaging her heart.
In last night's episode of My Strange Addiction, Brittoni, 22, from Toldeo, Ohio, reveals that she loves eating eyeshadow and consumes around 15 to 20 compacts a day.

She has been secretly hooked on cosmetics since she was about nine years old when she got hold of her mother's make-up, and explained that she likes the idea of cosmetics making her beautiful from the inside out.'It's like a craving of your favorite candy bar,' she said. 'I prefer  the gray, white and brown colors, they taste cleaner than dark colors.' 

Brittoni shops for her make-up at drugstores, and tests each compact before she commits to a purchase.
'When I come into the store, I have to taste to make sure I bought the right one,' she says. 'If it's not the right kind, nobody seen me lick it? I will put it back.

'I don't want to get stuck with something I'm not going to eat or wear.'
But the habit has already had serious implications. Brittoni developed heart disease at the age of 12, something her doctor believes could have been caused by chemicals in the products she has been eating.

Arsenic, cadmium, lead and nickel are common ingredients in the cosmetics she has been eating and could kill her, Dr Jack Siebenaler warns her.
Following several tests, he tells her that she is putting herself at risk of cancer and further heart problems.
This, it seems, is the reality check she needs to try to quit.

--Daily Mail
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