Thursday, 17 July 2014

PHOTO: Pastor Commits Suicide By Setting Himself On Fire

A 78-year-old retired minister in Texas, Charles Moore, was said to have killed himself by immolation in an effort to protest against ‘lingering racism’ in his hometown.
He left a suicide note for the authorities which read: “I would much prefer to go on living and enjoy my beloved wife and grandchildren and others, but I have come to believe that only my self-immolation will get the attention of anybody and perhaps inspire some to higher service.”

Reports say Rev. Moore drove from his home in Allen, and pulled into a parking lot before dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself on fire. The flames were put out by a witness, but the pastor did not survive as a result of his injuries.

In the letter Moore said he felt a “shame” over what he described over a lack of acceptance toward African-Americans by local residents. “I will soon be eighty years old, and my heart is broken over this,” he wrote. “America (and Grand Saline prominently) have never really repented for the atrocities of slavery and its aftermath. What my hometown needs to do is open its heart and its doors to black people as a sign of the rejection of past sins.” He wrote.

According to friends and family, Moore spent a lifetime protesting social injustice like the death penalty in Texas, racism and acceptance of homosexuality in his community.

Whatever happened to prayer? May God forgive you and grant you eternal rest.

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