Thursday, 17 July 2014

Waitress Eats Cockroach Found In Customer's Food To 'Prove' That It's Harmless (PHOTOS)

A Chinese waitress  shocked diners at the restaurant where she worked after she picked up a dead cockroach and ate it right it in front of them.

The bizarre incident began when a man, surnamed Zhang, went to a restaurant in Jinsha Era Plaza in Sichuan and found a cockroach in his salad. When Zhang complained about the cockroach, female staff, Jin Kuo, 39, instead engaged him in a heated argument, telling him it was 'perfectly normal' to find a cockroach in a restaurant.

Amazed at the waitress' claim, one of the people who was with Zhang as a guest grabbed his mobile phone and started to video the bizarre incident. The waitress was heard saying: 'No matter which restaurant you go to, you will always find cockroaches in the food. It is very normal.'

Enraged at her attitude, Zhang told her that if it was so normal, she should eat it to solve the problem, and then there would be no need  to argue.  To his amazement, that was exactly what the waitress did. She picked the cockroach off the side of his plate, put it into her mouth chewed before swallowing it.

Shocked, Zhang was left speechless by what she had done, and had nothing more to say. Instead he opened up his wallet, paid the bill, and left, still shaking his head in amazement.

The restaurant owner, however, has apologized over the incident and said that the cockroach  probably crawled into the dish from outside while cooking. She added that the waitress had been punished for not accepting the fault, and had been told she was going to get a pay cut to teach her a lesson for the future.

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