Monday, 15 December 2014

13-Year-Old Child Bride Calls Police On Discovering Her Future Husband Is 29 Years Old

Police in the Yunnan province, China,  received a call from the 13-year-old girl, claiming that she had been sold by her parents.

The girl had traveled several thousand miles with her parents to her future husband. When the girl met her future mother-in-law, who was identified as Chen, she was told that her future husband was only 5 years older than her.

She was shocked to discover that her husband to be was 29 years old.

Disgusted and in panic the teen called police, and said that she had been sold as a child bride.

The victim later admitted that she knew she was being taken to meet a potential husband, but she was not told that the man was 16 years her senior.

Chen admitted that she lied about the man’s age because she desperately wanted her son to get married.

The son said that he had no idea that his mother was so desperate to see him married.

The girl was placed with social services for four days, until her grandparents were able to pick her up. Police have advised Chen, to allow her son to find a wife on his own.

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