Monday, 15 December 2014

Man Pleasures Himself On Street After His Mother Banned Adult Videos At Home (PICTURED)

Anthony Smith

A young man from Florida, US, Identified as Anthony Smith was arrested for exposing himself on the street.

21-year-old Smith was arrested after he was seen walking out of his house with no clothes and touching himself.

When police arrived, he told them that he had strict rules, and his mother does not allow him to watch adult videos in the home.

Smith decided to go outside where he took care of his business. According to police, Smith admitted that he gets a “high” when others see him without clothes.

He went outside naked, hoping that someone would see him, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office wrote in their report.

He was not disappointed, as neighbors and passersby were able to see him pleasuring himself in his yard.

After seeing the officers, Smith ran inside the house and put on some clothes. Smith was charged with exposure of sexual organs.

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