Thursday, 17 July 2014

Housewife Chased Out Of Her Husband's House Over Body Odour

A man in Igbodo community of Delta state has sent his wife out of their matrimonial home over body odour.
According to Leadership report, trouble started between the woman identified as Evelyn Obiomah and her husband, after he married a second wife.
After he married her, he started to pick constant quarrel with his first wife, who has two children for him.

The man, a prominent farmer in the area also threatened to make life unbearable for her.
Their issue was taken to the elders in the community for them to settle it but it proved abortive as the couple could not reach an agreement.

One day, the woman and her rival had an argument and substance suspected to be water was said to have been poured on the woman.
She had taken the water issue lightly, only for her to develop rashes later.
After a few weeks, it degenerated to pervasive offensive body odour which subsequently led to her being chased out of her husband’s house.

Speaking to journalist, the victim said "I have used several drugs to no avail as the odour continues in a very offensive way that has removed me from my husband’s house."

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