Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Popular Director Matt Max Marries Another Man's Wife In Lagos

Things are happening these days, sometime you just wonder if some folks still think before they act.

 Lagos-based make-up artist, Eniola Efunkoya is married to Matt Max, the popular music video director. Marriage is good, but the funny thing is that Eniola is still married to Abayomi Cole.

The photo you are seeing above is that of Eniola and Abayomi but the same Eniola again got married to Matt Max. Another bizarre part of the story is that he left his long time girl and hurried wed Eniola.

Anyway, Eniola's REAL husband, Abayomi has broken his silence. Here's what he said:

    "I got married to Adeola Eniola Efunkoya in May, 2011. She left the marriage this year May 2014 for another guy who is a music video director ( Matthew Abiodun Aina) with trade name Mattmax. She left the marriage because of her secret affair with the so called Mattmax. On so many occasions I have called the so called Mattmax to order over his secret affair with my wife.

    "She has not properly divorced me because she is still my legal wife and now she has gotten married to the guy out there. All I need her do is to answer to the divorce letter filed to her because I am already free from her bondage of four years. That imbecile Mattmax has helped me take away my yoke."

I dont want to please....ati "That imbecile Mattmax has helped me take away my yoke."

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