Tuesday, 19 August 2014


This morning when I logged into facebook, one of the first things I saw was this link from a facebook friend with title "GOVERNMENT WARNING: You will not use Shampoo after watching this video"

Assuming my friend had watched it already I clicked on the link and was shocked to see this horrific picture....So I wanted to see the video but I am told  I have to download an app first, I did not want to do the download, so I strated searching for video on youtube. Lo and behold it was a scam!!

I have brought it to your notice  for you beware!! No such video exists!!!

The referenced video does not exist, and the purpose of the current hoax is to serve as a lure in leading users to yet another survey scam: those who click through on the teaser link hoping to view the Head & Shoulders video are instead taken to a screen that forces them to first share the link with others on Facebook and/or verify their age by completing a survey that promises a $100 VISA Gift Card for its completion:

Below is how they made the supposed skin growth. It was made from lot`us seed pods colored to look like skin.
Some people really have sick minds

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