Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Lagos Babe Smashes Bottle On Man’s Head for Hugging Her

Chaii!! See what Ebola has caused o!! Some people are taking this Ebola scare too far. A lady who was afraid of contracting Ebola from hugging on Monday smashed a beer bottle on a man’s head for daring to hug her in the Ajah area of Lagos.

The woman identified as Bunmi was said to have been angry when her friend, Ademola Ojikutu, held her from behind without her consent in this "dreadful season" of Ebola.

    Her elder sister, Yemi, told Leadership that her sister was afraid of contracting Ebola and had since refused to shake anybody including her (Yemi).

    The elder sister said she was discussing with her sister, Bunmi, at Ilaje area when Ojikutu held her from behind...

Yemi said her sister was enraged and, out of anger, picked a bottle from a nearby beer parlour and smashed it on Ademola's head.

Blood gushed out from his head so much that people around had to rush him to a nearby hospital in the area in order to save the guy's life.

Although the elder sister confirmed that she was not happy about what her sister did to Ademola but added that he was also wrong to grab her from behind since he knows that everyone is scared of Ebola.

Ademola is now suffering in pains. Guys, please stay away from ladies who are good with beer bottles.

Most importantly keep your hugs and kisses to yourself for the now!! Ebola is REAL!!! No be funny mata o!

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