Saturday, 12 July 2014

World Cup Fan Loses L'Oreal Contract After Photo Of Her Hunting Animals In Africa Surfaced

The 17 year old Belgian World cup fan who landed a L'Oreal contract after she was spotted Cheering her team at the World Cup, has been dumped by L'Oreal after another picture of her posing with a dead animal went viral. Her world  cup pics had gone viral and she was dubbed "World's most beautiful football fan"..

Sadly, Cosmetics giant L'Oreal has severed ties with her  after a picture surfaced online with the beauty posing with a rifle and dead animal .
Axelle Despiegelaere who is a fan of big game hunting, posed near the dead and bloodied Gemsbok antelope during a trip to Africa..

Though she said it was taken 1 year ago,thousands of animal rights activists petitioned to L'oreal and their spokesperson officially confirmed to the Independent they have cut ties with her..

Not so lucky after all.

See the photo below:

Chai!! village witch!!!

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