Monday, 21 July 2014

Germany Damages World Cup Trophy

World Cup trophy
World Cup Trophy

German football association (DFB) president, Wolfgang Niersbach, has confirmed that one of Germany's team players has accidentally damaged the World Cup trophy.
On July 13 the European players were given a trophy by FIFA after they had beaten Argentina 1-0 in the final of the 2014 Mundial.

However, Joachim Low’s men  have been celebrating the victory so hard,  they  even toured Berlin with the trophy, and in the process seem to have caused damage to the piece of art, reports.
Niersbach was quoted saying:

"At one point, a small piece of our World Cup trophy was chipped off. But do not worry! We have specialists on the case who can fix it. We have investigated persistently who it was that damaged the trophy, but the investigation was concluded without a result."

Good news is that the trophy presented to the winners in Brazil was not the original worth €10 million (appr. N2.2 bn), but a replica.

The original trophy was first introduced in 1974, having 18 karat gold and a malachite base. Not surprisingly, FIFA has been treating the precious piece with care tending not to trust football associations with it. On numerous occasions the World Cup trophy was targeted by thieves.
In 1983, the year Brazil won the champions’ title, it was stolen in Rio de Janeiro and believed to have never recovered. The trophy had to be substituted by its replica presented to Brazil’s president in 1984.
Meanwhile Germany has been facing one of the most successful periods in its modern football history, according to FIFA ranking, the Europeans climbed to the top for the first time in around 20 years.

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