Saturday, 21 June 2014

WORLD CUP 2014: "Disabled" Fans Jump Out Of Wheelchairs During World Cup

MIRACLE: Disabled Fans Jump Out Of Wheelchairs During World Cup

"Miracles" are happening at the world cup arenas in Brazil, as scores of "disable" persons have been filmed jumping out of their wheelchairs during matches. The  question now is:
Are these miracle or just  mere fraud? Several football fans were seen leaving their wheelchairs during World Cup matches.

Police are investigating allegations of ticket fraud after controversial photos showing young people standing next to their wheelchairs appeared on the Internet. Earlier FIFA released limited number of tickets for disabled fans, pensioners, students and obese people.

Unfortunately, many ended up on the black market as speculators sold tickets meant for disabled people online, through Facebook and other social nets. Now we have the unique possibility to see some odd situations in stadiums.

Police are examining at least 22 CCTV pictures which show allegedly wheelchair-bound fans standing up at Sao Paulo Arena where England played Uruguay. But Brazil supporter Andrea Dias joked: ”The World Cup is creating miracles."

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