Friday, 6 June 2014


Things are really going from bad to worse in Nigeria! Human life has lost all value in our society.
The Catholic Bishop Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) on Thursday in Abuja revealed that some Nigerian women now sell their private parts, wombs, ovaries and human eggs as commodities in the global bio- technology market all in a bid to make quick money.
"Some scientists and business men use members of the National Assembly to gain legal access to the wombs and ovaries of women and young girls"
It is becoming increasingly clear to that even in Nigeria our women have become the targets of all manners of intrigue especially as far as their fertility is concerned.
Personal private part of women, ranging from, wombs, ovaries and human eggs risk being put up as commodities for sale at the global biotechnology market place"

President of CBCN and archbishop of Jos,  Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama disclosed this at the International Family and Pro-Life Conference tagged "Witnesses to the dignity of every human life" held in Abuja
 Speaking on the topic  "Catholic Church in Nigeria and the imperative of scaling up Pro-life activities across the country" the Bishop revealed that most of the transactions were done with people who hold influential positions in the society.
Regrettably human life has become cheaper than a loaf of bread. From hijacking and loss of airborne planes to the avoidable mishap of sinking ships  and ferries loaded with passengers to the mindless wars and avoidable military conflicts, human lives are wantonly wasted everywhere everyday in Nigeria" the respected bishop cried out`.

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