Friday, 6 June 2014

Groom Who Called Off Wedding After Church Declared His Bride Pregnant Has Married her

On Febuary 22,2014 excited and in love,they arrived Church venue to be declared man and wife,unfortunately the wedding did not hold because the groom called it off after his church Doctors declared that his wife to be Cynthia was pregnant....Pregnant?The groom was upset because he was yet to touch her....Read the Original story HERE

  The groom married the bride on Saturday May 31,2014... It was a small ceremony and was held in an Anglican church in Abuja and not in the church that had Docs who proclaimed her pregnant.

According to my friend who attended  ''He was just all over her and looked for every opportunity to touch and smile at her. The way they were staring into each others eyes eh,you will see the power of love''!

Thank God their story ended this way,i dont know if he found out the Church Docs were wrong or if he decided to forgive her and marry her,what i do know is that on both sides,it takes the Grace of God to forgive and move on..

Happy Married life to Cynthia and Hubby.

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