Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Nyanya Bus Park Bombers Paraded By SSS

Suspected Boko Haram members: Ahmad Rufai Abubakar (left) Muhammadu Sani, Ishaq Adamu (centre), Yusuf Yau Saidu and Anas Isah (right) that masterminded the April 14,2014 bomb attack at Nyanya park that left plenty dead and seriously wounded.

SSS officials paraded this five self confessed terrorist gang.They supposedly carried out the Nyanaya bus park bombing and would be charged to court soon.

Which court?I am sorry to say but at times likes i silently pray for jungle justice on monsters like this...if these men actually carried out the Nyanya park bombings they deserve to die slowly,justice served same way they killed bread winners of families who are still crying!.

More photos below:

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