Sunday, 11 May 2014


Benally and Kruser

A couple in Salt Lake City, Utah were arrested in the middle of a wedding  on Sunday for having sex on the church lawn.The wedding party caught 56 year old Wilson Benally engaging in a sex act with 60-year-old Sandra Kruser outside of Sacred Heart Catholic Church around 6pm. One horrified wedding guest ran out into the street to stop a police car to break up the couple.The officer who witnessed the sex act wrote in his report that

     'Mr Benally had his tongue and finger inside of Ms Krusens [sic] vagina'.

He initally tried ordering them to stop, but was forced to pry them apart when they didn't listen. At least four children in the wedding party saw witnessed Benally and Kruser at it.

The church

According to Daily mail, the two were booked at county jail and each charged with gross lewdness and public intoxication. Benally received an extra charge of criminal trespass.The couple remain in jail with Benally on $2,313 bond and Kruser on $2,093 bond. Both have criminal records and Benally has been behind bars in Salt Lake a shocking 102 times. Kruser has been booked on 15 different occasions.

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