Thursday, 20 March 2014

SHOCKING: Chinese student commits suicidé in the middle of a class (PHOTOS)

After several seconds apparently deep in reflection the boy suddenly gets up and makes for the window

A Chinese high school student apparently committed suicide while preparing for a lesson according to a video uploaded online.
The pupil was shown sitting motionless for a while before making it to the window reportedly killing himself. The reaction of his fellow students and the chaos which followed backs up the claim that the boy leapt from a window.
The that part of the classroom where the boy made the leap is out of shot.

Daily Mail reports
Some run to the window to peer out, others run from the room, while one simply paces while clutching her head in her hands.

One student comes to the front of the class where he points at the teacher and shouts something at her. MailOnline did not have a Mandarin speaker on hand to translate.
The video was uploaded to LiveLeak today. It appears to be footage filmed on a smartphone of a computer screen showing the feed from the school’s CCTV system.
A description of the video says: ‘High school student Xiao Zhen leaps to his death from  a window in the middle of class. It is believed this happened due to pressure of preparing for college entrance exams.’
While the video’s authenticity cannot be confirmed, it fits with a disturbing trend among Chinese youngsters for whom suicide has become the number one cause of death.
In most countries in the West, accidents are the biggest cause of death for young people.
The unusually high suicide rate among Chinese youth has been blamed on intense pressure to succeed in school, where the education system places great emphasis on grades and status at the expense of healthy social lives.

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