Friday, 12 December 2014

Dollars Rained At The APC Convention?

 Bola Ilori, Special Adviser to Osun Governor on Environment, posted this on his Facebook page last night... too bad no pics to corroborate the story....

    Crazy things are happening here!!! Some of these can not represent the change Nigeria is yearning for. Excessive dollarization by one of the aspirants is to say the least obscene.I have been involved in political process for decades now, I have never witnessed this volume of raw dollarization of party primaries.

I only read about this kind of things in PDP primaries. A question been asked by conscientious delegates is that whoever can be giving out between $2000 to $5000 to each delegate certainly does not represent the kind of change Nigerians want.

    Those who contributed to the pauperization of the country now revel in dollarization, Oma se o! If this is what is called internal democracy then I guess it's not the best for Nigerian situation yet.
    In any case I'm happy that majority of Ondo State delegates (reduced from 85% to 70% within 24 hours) are still standing firm with Buhari as Omoluabis, the remaining has gone with dollars o!

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