Saturday, 23 August 2014

Woman Spends A Fortune On Plastic Surgery Just To Look Like A Cartoon Character(PHOTOS)

Krystina Butel,30, has spent over £130,000 on plastic surgery to transform herself into a £10 cartoon drawing of herself that she posed for in Ibiza when she was just 15.
She said

    'When I saw the caricature for the first time on holiday, I was jealous of it. She was so glamorous. She was everything that I wanted to be.'It was like she was holding the carrot out to me, showing me what I could be. Over the years, I've spent more and more on beauty treatments and surgery so I can look just like her.'

This has included five breast augmentations, lip injections, botox, teeth whitening and semi-permanent make-up. Salon owner Krystina even has heart-shaped nipples to complete the 'cartoon' look......shuooo!!!

  'My caricature keeps me going with my dream. She looks exactly how I want to look like. I know I'm closer to it now than I was fifteen years ago but there's always something else I can get in terms of surgery to be more like it.

    'I can always rely on my caricature to show me what I need to do next. I never think that I'm done for good with my plastic surgery. She shows me that there's never enough.'

    'That caricature's my icon and it's good to see it and reflect on what I need to look more like. It shows me that I'm not done yet with my cosmetic work.

    'I don't think I'll ever stop having surgery. When I get older, I'll have to do more things to my face to keep it looking just like this.'

Obsession pure and simple, go and cure yourself before it is too late!! she should have added the whatever the cartoon is standing on or she sabi

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