Monday, 25 August 2014

CHECK OUT THE QUARANTINE CENTER AS First British Ebola Patient Is Being Flown Home For Urgent Treatment

The unnamed patient, who was working as a healthcare specialist in Sierra Leone, will stay in a high-level isolation unit (HLIU) at a hospital in north London.

His condition has been described as ‘not currently seriously unwell’ by a government spokesman.

More than 1,400 people in West Africa have died from the epidemic and there is no known cure for the life-threatening virus. In total, an estimated 2,600 people have been infected in the region.

Two US nationals who were given an experimental drug known as ZMapp responded well to the treatment, and were discharged from hospital last week.

Dr Paul Cosford of Public Health England said: ‘Our hospitals have a proven record of dealing with imported infectious diseases and this patient will be isolated and will receive the best care possible.’

The patient’s bed will be surrounded by a custom-made tent with an in-built ventilation system, helping to shield doctors and nurses. He is expected to arrive at RAF Northolt, situated near Heathrow airport, late tonight.

With this kind of facility nobody will be running away from catch ebola sef go hungry you.
It is amazing how they care for their own if it were here we would be saying: who sent him there? Does he not have family? Government can not do everything etc, etc.....what will government do for us biko. Our hospitals are death traps, and nobody cares, why would they when they can run to Germany at the slightest headache!!...I tire for sycophants a beg!!

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