Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Maheeda: My Husband Loves Seeing My N*de Pictures On The Internet


In an interview with Sunday Tribune  Maheeda was asked about her tempting unclad photos all over the net, here are some of  her responses.

    Your unclad pix, are they publicity stunts or the real you?

you know now, it’s just to get the job done and for my fans to get the full package of what they are paying for.

    Is your hubby not bothered about seeing your nude photos all over the internet? 

    He loves it, he always says, ‘oh, so my wife is this sexy’. There was a time he read online that Maheeda is one of the hottest women in Nigeria, he called me and said. ‘can you imagine, I’m married to one of the sexiest women in Nigeria’ and he was happy about it. People are different, but that is my husband’s own way.

What if gets fed up and decides to file for a divorce? 

Ahn, Ahn, that’s his luck now, do you know how many men are running after me?

How did you meet your husband?

I met him at a bar where I was working…

And how long have you been married?

Just two years.

What about the competition between yourself and Afrocandy and you both were exchanging nude pictures. Are you both friends?

We have never been friends and I don’t think we are enemies, I don’t know her, I just started hearing about her some months ago and truly, she is not bothering me. I don’t feel threatened by Afrocandy, I just respect her, I first try to study people, and respect them for who they are and what they do, everybody is trying to survive. Just like people don’t like the way I’m trying to survive, no one can question the way she is trying to survive. I’m not competing with her and I respect her hustle.

How do you hope to keep her away from your pictures or the life you are living right now?

She has seen most of my pictures. But one thing I always tell people is that, what matters most is how you train your child.Even in Holland, they see lots of nude pictures, but the kids just pass by them because they know they are not meant for them, it depends on the training you give them. It is that training that would determine what they would do with the pictures. She sees me walking naked in the house and taking pictures, but it does not mean anything to her. It’s new in the country but very soon, people would get used to it and start asking, is there anything else? My daughter knows a lot already

What if she decides to follow your footsteps and style of music, will you stop her?

It’s her choice. I’m just going to advise her. I always tell her that it is her outcome that matters, that is, the end result of whatever she does that matters. when you see that a particular direction did not work for someone, I don’t think you would go there except you feel you will do better. So for me, I just think I will be there to guide her, I want her to do whatever she thinks is good for her, and I want to wait till she is above 18, but for now, I will tell her what to do and that thing is education.

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