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Dining hanging off a cliff

Dining hanging off a cliff

How would you feel dinning off a cliff, I know for sure some would freak out
The Fangweng Restaurant in Hubei Province, China, is located conveniently near the popular Sanyou Cave, or “The Cave of the Three Travelers,” tourist destination, but what may strike you as more impressive is that the eatery appears to hang on the side of a cliff!

If you didn't know this ahead of time, you might be surprised, because the entrance gives no clue. You must walk down a passageway that juts out over the Happy Valley of the Xiling Gorge to get to the dining hall. A few select tables are located on a deck that extends out from the rock face. But most of the seats are inside a natural cave.

Exclusive dining (5 year waiting list)

Exclusive dining (5 year waiting list)

If you are not bold enough to eat off a cliff then you might consider booking a reservation here only problem is you will have to wait 5 years!

The waiting list for dining at Chef Damon Baehrel's Basement Bistro is half a decade long.

Located in the basement of his home in upstate New York, Baehrel's handcrafted restaurant has been serving up personally grown, harvested, and invented dishes at a premium price for 25 years. All of the ingredients used on each evening's unique tasting menu are grown on Baehrel's personal garden farm, including the flour he makes from acorns and oils extracted on site.

The dining room can seat up to twenty people, who must arrive at a predetermined time to take part in the often five hour dining experience. The restaurant has become such a hit that Baehrel has gotten as many as 10,000 reservation requests in just a week.

The cost of a meal (not including the anxiety of waiting) runs over $200 a plate, but anyone with the funds and a mere five years of planning can set up a truly one-of-a-kind date.

Naked dining

Naked dining

Feel like dining without clothes or "inhibitions"?, we got the right place for you, just be sure you keep your eyes on the faces only!!
Once a month, one restaurant in Manhattan is turned into a naked dinner party. Nudist activist John J. Ordover created clothing-optional dinners, which are exactly what they sound like — as soon as guests enter, they disrobe and enjoy the specialties of the house.

Health regulations mean staff must remain clothed even if they wanted to join in. And diners must bring something to sit on – a towel or, for discerning women, an elegant silk scarf.

Don't worry the windows are blacked out, hot soup is not served and people keep their eyes on your face.

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