Sunday, 25 May 2014


Chinelu Huma a 22-year-old prostitute has been arrested by the Enugu State Police for selling her one-month-old baby to a childless 43-year-old woman
The baby was sold to 43-year-old Ugochukwu who has been unable to conceive.
Chinelo told the Sun:

    "I am a prostitute. When I became pregnant and it was close to nine months, my boyfriend rejected it. I decided to sell the baby. When I gave birth on April 13, 2014, one lady whose name is Maria Asomba, arranged for the baby to be sold to Mrs. Nkechi Ugochukwu, and she paid N430, 000, but Asomba gave me N150,000.

When the police arrested Ugochukwu, I told them I didn’t want the baby again, because I already have two children and my mother is taking care of them.

Ugochukwu said..

    "I have been barren for years and I needed a child. My husband’s kinsmen have been maligning and making jest of me because I don’t have a child. I borrowed N430,000 to buy the child; my husband is aware of the baby. The baby was brought to me on April 17, 2014. When I took the baby to my compound all my neighbours congratulated me over the new baby; policemen came and took the baby from me. I don’t want my money back. I need the baby. I have named the baby Chinasa and I am already planning to dedicate her in church.”

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