Friday, 9 May 2014

French UMP, Thierry Mariani, Under Fire For Saying Boko Haram Abduction Exonerates The West Of Slavery

 A member of the French National Assembly for French residents overseas,Thierry Mariani has justified the abduction of over 200 girls by Boko Haram saying
    "The abduction by the sect # BokoHaram recalled that Africa did not wait for the West to engage in slavery # deculpabilisation

This caused serious outrage in France by celebrities and politicians with many calling his comment outrageous and insensitive .

PS MP Dear Yann Galut denounced it as " simply outrageous and shameful ".Humorist Sophia Aram said, Thierry Mariani " demonstrates that bullshit is universal ."

He has been asked to apologize or take it down with calls for sanctions against him. He has not deleted the tweet or apologised and A hashtag  #stopmariani has been started...

See some angry responses below:

TRANSLATION: : If i understand well the Deputy UMP @Thierry MARIANI wants to exonerate the West  for practising slavery?? Provocation  or Sick?

TRANSLATION: Sick and tired of this unbearable spillage on twitter @Thierry MARIANI he should apologize and close his twitter account for good #stopmarianI.

The mayor of Meaux ,Jean- Francois Cope said

     "I had Thierry Mariani on the phone, he told me that his remarks had exceeded his thought and of course as we all condemning the heinous crime ( Boko Haram ) ,I have deeply regretted ( what Mr. Mariani ) , deplored , I told him and we explained that " France is first in line to contribute to the research so that the despicable actions of these terrorists are arrested as soon as possible "

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