Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dencia Says #bringbackourgirls Protest Should Stop

After the intense social media campaign to rescue the abducted girls, the world has taken notice and are now working on rescuing the girls.However, more protests are still taking place.Another is set to take place tomorrow in Lagos .
Dencia feels the protests are enough and the focus should be on what next after the girls are rescued .She aired her thoughts on her IG page...For those asking what she has done to contribute,she said she was the one who tweeted at the American celebrities to tweet about the abducted girls..

  Hours wasted !!Go 2 work and give $$ to a foundation that can help these girls when they return because they will need a lot of help psychologically,mentally, emotionally and physically !!Merci."

Why wont she say that? They have taken the spot light away from her!!

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