Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dora Akunyili Takes Ill, To Be Flown Abroad

Dora Akunyili, ex NAFDAC DG and delegate of the on going national conference, has taken seriously ill and is expected to be flown to india for urgent medical care.
According to reports
 Akunyili who was Nigeria’s former minister of information, is currently in  bad condition as her health is fast deteriorating and her doctor was reported to have advised that “waiting till Monday before flying her abroad might be too late.”
After so much speculation about the state of health Mrs. Akunyili, she showed up in March at the National Conference as a delegate .

Efforts are being made by officials of the foreign affairs ministry to secure an Indian visa immediately for her so she can fly out tonight as a private jet has been made ready for her travel

Our prayers go with you

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