Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Story Of This 7-Year-Old Boy Who Sacrificed His Life To Save His Mum Will Make You Cry...(PHOTOS)

Zhou reading to her blind son

Zhou Lu, 34, reads to her terminally ill son Chen Xiatian, seven, who went blind with brain cancer. This is so touching and will bring tears to your eyes ..A seven-year-old boy battling brain cancer sacrificed his life to save his mother's by giving her his kidney.
According to Mailonline,Chen Xiaotian was just five when doctors found a malignant tumour in his brain, months before his mother Zhou Lu, 34, contracted kidney disease.

Despite early signs he would recover, the disease aggressively returned, and he was told he would not reach adulthood.The pair battled through together for two years.Eventually, Chen told his mother:

     'I want to save your life!'

Zhou needed dialysis treatment, while Chen required round-the-clock care.Towards the end, Chen lost his sight and became so weak he was bed-ridden, nearly paralysed.

Zhou, after the operation

Zhou, says her only consolation was that a part of her son would always be with her.

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