Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pastor Caught With Military Officer's Wife In His Bedroom (PHOTOS)

The Senior Pastor and general Overseer of Maximum Deliverance Church, Pastor John Simon was caught live in the act by policemen sent by a top military officer to secretly monitor the pastor and his wife. According to reports, the husband had been suspicious of his wife and the pastor for some time, which is why he engaged the police officers to monitor their activities See more photos below:

Unfortunately, people are saying Pastor Simon may be using something on women he loves that confuses them and make them do anything with him. As seen in the photos, two women, including the police officer's wife were nude in his bedroom with him when the soldiers busted him in the act. He claimed he was casting out evil spirits and needed her to be naked for the spirits to run out easily.

This a very shameful Trend and the christian community must put heads together to put a stop to these acts of shame!!
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