Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Man Murders 3 Gay Men After Sex To Stop Them From Spreading 'Evil'

A  28-year-old father-of-two, Muhammed Ejaz, a Pakistani paramedic, was arrested last week and confessed to three brutal murders, saying he wanted to stop them from committing further evil and to spread a message that homosexuality is bad. , though police insist he had sex with his victims first.
He met all three men online.

In an interview with AFP from his prison cell  Ejaz said..

    'My way was wrong. It is tragic that the families have lost their relatives but they were spreading evil in society and I had to stop it.I wanted to warn them to stay away from this evil.I started going on Manjam(Social networking site) two months ago using my mobile phone, and found that the gays are everywhere in LahoreThey are spreading evil and transmitting diseases. They cannot control themselves.I tried to convince them to stop their dirty acts, but they would not,” he said. “So I decided to kill them.

Ejaz said he was the victim of sexual abuse by an older boy when he was around 10 and had led a deeply unhappy childhood. He insists he is not gay himself.

    'I have hated them ever since for what happened to me,

The victims were a middle-aged retired army Major and two other men, both in their twenties. All three were found with their necks broken and had been sedated. After examining their mobile phone call logs, police were able to identify Ejaz's number and found another former lover whom they used to lure him to a meeting a week ago, where they arrested him.

The killings have sent fear through the underground gay community in the eastern city of Lahore, with concerns that Ejaz could be lionised as a hero in a conservative Islamic society where homosexuality is stigmatised and sodomy is punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

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