Tuesday, 29 April 2014

23-Year-old Woman Dies Trying To Rescue Fiance From Burning Flat

Sophie Rosser, a 23-year-old architect, died while trying to rescue her fiance, 28-year-old Oscar Silva, from a burning block of flats in East London where they lived in.
Rosser, who had just returned from a party early one morning, saw the fire, and called Silva on the phone to alert him to evacuate the building, as he was asleep at the time.
He did not respond, and so she dashed into the building to try to save him. But unknown to her, Silva had taken the elevator to another floor in an attempt to escape the fire. They missed each other in the midst of the chaos, but paramedics were able to rescue him.

Rosser on the other hand, was unconscious when paramedics found her. She later passed away.

May her soul rest in peace

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