Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Woman chops off ex-lover's Penis, beats him to death with a hammer after he raped her

A vehicle believed to be ferrying once-powerful politician Bo Xilai, arrives at the Shandong high court building in Jinan on October 25, 2013 ( Goh Chai Hin (AFP) )

A woman chopped off her former boyfriend's penis with scissors and then killed him with a hammer after he raped her, beat their young daughter and tried to blackmail her into giving him  $28,000 for a new car.
The Hong Kong High Court heard Chinese national Yeung Ki attacked Zhou Hui, her now-married former longtime lover, and flushed his penis down the toilet after feeding him with drug-laced soup,
The 32-year-old piano teacher had come to the tiny public housing flat she shared with their four-year-old daughter to demand money and sex.

The twice-married Yeung said she met Zhou, a piano teacher, in 2006 after she divorced her ex-husband the year before.They developed a relationship during which she lent him money that he never paid back. After the last loan of $19,000 in 2007, she lost contact with him. Already pregnant, she traced him on the mainland and discovered he was married.
Zhou asked her to abort the child, but she refused. They ceased contact until 2012, when Zhou called her saying he missed her and visited her several times.
Yeung told police in an interview shown in the court that on the last visit, Zhou had beaten her
and her four-year-old daughter because she refused to give him $28,000 to buy a car.
Zhou had also told Yeung he had nude pictures of her which he would post on the internet unless she gave him the money. He then stripped her and had forcible sex with her on the bed.
Zhou 'beat her, pushed her to the floor, and slapped their daughter'.
During the fight, the girl was sent out to the apartment balcony, while Zhou then 'forcibly had sex with her',
Afterwards, Yeung fed him with the drug-laced soup, took a pair of scissors and cut off his penis which she flushed down the toilet.
When Zhou was awakened by the pain, he started beating her and as they fought, she saw a hammer and grabbed it to bash him in the face.
He fell to his knees and she sat on his buttocks. He turned over and struggled but eventually released his grip.
Yeung beat him to death with an 'almost uncountable' number of blows from a hammer to his face and the back of his head, prosecutor Nicholas Adams said.
After the killing, Yeung wrapped the body in a bed sheet and covered it with a mattress.
The following day, Yeung took her daughter to a Social Welfare Department centre where she wept and confessed she had severed Zhou's penis and killed him.

(Culled from South China Morning post)
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