Wednesday, 5 March 2014

WARNING: Job Seekers Beware Of Ritualists (MUST READ)

Beware! Ritualists are NOW out with new plan and strategy for blood money. They advertise and share handbills of job vacancies in different big companies and organisations. Once you send your CV, they will call you or send an email that you have been short-listed for interview. The venue of the interview would be in their own house. Someone just escaped miraculously, hundreds of others didn't leave to tell the story. They became victim of unemployment in the hands of ritualists. See what Nigeria has turned into. Be careful, especially people on the Island, that's their main axis, and it could be anywhere in Nigeria. If you are going for any interview henceforth, create awareness and let people know your movement for your own safety...May God save you, your children, friends and families o. I pray you won't be a prey in the hand of ritualist.
Pls  share this news and re-broadcast to save someone's life from being a victim.

Source: KD Blog

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