Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Even the tragic immigration recruitment exercise is now being used as a format to scam people oh,please shine your eyes because these scammers are not joking!

''Hi Stella,Please I got a call from a Mr Bernard Umeh saying that he is an NNPC staff. I really do not know how he got my name and phone no. He asked if I knew anyone with an Accounting ,Business Admin, Public Admin degree.

He said he had 3 slots allocated to him and that if I knew anyone in need of a Job and that I should pass his number across to them, so he can speak with them before accepting to assist them. He stated that since he is a staff introducing them that they will get a call for interview and they will be accepted. He said no apitutde test will be conducted because of the immigration recruitment.

He sent me an account number which he said the person should pay an appreciation fee. Of course I know it is a Scam but further investigation from my friends who work in Fidelity shows that money is actually being paid in by people and being withdrawn immediately . Please help inform desperate job seekers not to fall prey''.

Account details given :

Ukpai Aya Inyang

Fidelity Bank


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