Tuesday, 25 March 2014

PHOTOS: The Benue Businessman Who Sleeps With Young School Girls?

A Benue businessman who loves to sleep with under aged girls after enticing them with money has been caught while having sex with one of them who was supposed to be in school at that moment. As reported by CKN …. My people things are happening o, lol…

A Businessman who has been notorious in molesting and having sex with young school children has been caught in the act in Benue State. The businessman (name withheld) was apprehended while having sex inside a bush path with his latest catch who was old enough to be his daughter.

Someone who noticed the act quickly alerted other people and they swooped on the two lovers .He was caught pants down having sex with the girl whose mates were in school. The man was given the beating of his life, paraded naked and later handed over to the police. Some of his neighbours, who spoke about the incident, said the man uses his money to entice school girls with mouth-watering offers
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