Monday, 15 December 2014

KIDNAP ALERT! This Happened In Lekki, Lagos Last Friday (MUST READ)

Guy named ManInTheMirror shared his story on Nairaland. Please read and stay alert, guys. December is still here and these people have sworn to make all the millions by any means!

    On the Friday that just passed, I didn't have a dime on me and it was around 6pm so I decided to take a drive to the ATM to make some withdrawals and do my TGIF routine.

    I got to New Road in Lekki, that's former Alfa beach road and a man in his 50s flagged me down. He had grey hair and looked like one of my dad's friends. So I stopped and greeted him like I knew him because I thought he knew me and he looked responsible.

 He asked me to drop him in VGC ( Victoria Garden City), that his car broke down and pointed to his car which was a Mercedes-Benz G wagon. The car was parked opposite Ojumo market.

    My first instinct was how could a car like that break down suddenly because the car looked very new and second I thought why didn't he just use a cab but anyway I politely told him I wasn't going that direction and he said he wasn't asking me if I was going that way but asking for a favour that he had an important meeting and if I agreed to drop him, he would go to his car and pick up something and we can go.

    Again I politely said to him that I'm sorry, I have errands to run and he walked away. I went to the bank at Chevron Lekki, made my withdrawal but could see the car which was supposedly broken down from where I was because the bank is almost opposite the Ojomu market.

    After making my cash withdrawal, I went to buy petrol at Mobil and started heading back to my base which is Alpha beach and when I got close to where this car was parked, I saw the brake light come on and the car moved. So that means this man lied to me and had other motives. I don't know the motives but my mind says kidnapping things.

    I like helping people and this man is someone I would have helped easily because VGC is no more than 10 mins drive from where I stay. But I thank God I did not because, I probably won't be here to tell the story.

    Anyone who this happens to abeg don't fall for it, the man has some grey hair, wears glasses and can fool many people. This is December and people will do anything for money but they will not work for it. May God keep us alive and give us wisdom to not fall for tricks like this.

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