Thursday, 11 December 2014

100 Men Kiss One Another At Burger King In Protest Against A Security Guard Who Ordered Gay Couple To Leave Restaurant (PHOTO)

Gay kiss-inn at Burger King 

A Burger King restaurant in Madrid, Spain was the venue of a kiss-in  protest  by about 100 men after a security guard of the restaurant ordered a gay couple to leave the restaurant.

The men stormed the restaurant men after an LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual) rights group filed a complaint against the security guard.

The security guard had allegedly ordered the couple to leave after a married man and father of three children complained about them kissing in front of his kids.

 Burger King staff and customers applauded the 100 gay men as they were kissing.

The fast food chain admitted that the expulsion of the two young men was an isolated incident, which does not reflect the long history of Burger King’s support of the LGBT community.

Diners who were present when the security guard told the couple to leave, said that they urged them not to leave. However, the couple left as they were angry and hurt.

The restaurant manager said Burger King supports diversity, and in no way support any homophobic behavior by a member of its staff.

He stated that the security guard had acted without his permission, and he encouraged the young couple to return to the store so he could apologize to them in person.

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