Monday, 3 November 2014

'My boyfriend said I Was Too Fat For S*x So I Dropped 30 Pounds - And I Dumped Him' (PHOTO)


A cruel comment from her boyfriend during a romantic getaway made 22 year old Paige Way to drop from a whopping size 28 to a size 12. Paige said her boyfriend told her that belly was too fat for them to have sex. The comment from her boyfriend shamed her into shedding a lot of weight.

  "It was absolutely mortifying when my boyfriend told me that my belly was getting in the way, but it gave me the push I needed to finally do something about my weight. I'd always been big as a child, and then I was 'the fat one' in my bunch of friends. Men would say horrible things about me on nights out, like "God, look at the size of her."

      "I had no confidence whatsoever, but I tried to kid myself that I was happy being fat. Even when I broke a sun lounger at a family barbeque by sitting on it, I just laughed it off. However, when my boyfriend made that comment, I knew I couldn't kid myself any longer."

So for the next eight months, Paige worked on her weight, exercising and eating small portions of healthy food. By the time she'd lost all the weight, she dumped the man that felt she wasn't good enough. Now she says losing weight has completely changed her life and she's single again and looking for Mr Right

    "Every time I think back to the night at the hotel, it makes me cringe. But it made me make a change. Now I'm happier than I've ever been - and I definitely haven't had any complaints about my belly since!"

Source: UK Mirror

Way to go girl!! If he did not appreciate you then, then he should not bother now!! Positive things can come out of negativity. As long as you don't give up!

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