Tuesday, 4 November 2014

24-Year-Old Woman Bits Kids For Skipping School (PICTURED)

A 24 year old Kenyan woman landed in the dock for allegedly biting her kids who refused to go to school.

Julie Nyakwama was charged for subjecting her kids to ‘uncouth and unfair’ punishment. The court heard that on September 15, Nyakwama prepared breakfast for her kids and bid them goodbye before she left for work.

However, upon returning to the house at around 11am, she found the kids playing in their Embakasi compound. Angry, she bit them on their backs, demanding to know why they had skipped school.
It is alleged neighbours later called Nyakwama’s husband to inform him of the incident. “When I arrived home, I found my kids bleeding.

 They had teeth marks on their necks and back. I rushed them to hospital before calling the police,” he told the court.

Police later arrested Nyakwama who had fled from home. “I had prepared the kids to go to school very early, but when I was going to work around 10am, I found them playing with other children.
I decided to bite them for disrespecting me. Please forgive me,” Nyakwama told the court. She was released on a Sh3,000 cash bail.


Poor kids, poor woman, maybe she had a stressful day at work!! Some kids are really very difficult to manage especially when one parent seem to be on their side! #Surez tendencies.

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