Tuesday, 7 October 2014

'I Warned Ini Edo In 2007 Not To Marry My Husband' - Phillips Ehiagwina’s Ex-wife, Ruth Okoro

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That Nollywood Actress Ini Edo has walked out on her Marriage of six years is no longer news, what might be news however is the fact that she was warned by none other the ex-wife of her soon to be ex hubby, Ruth Okoro posted a copy of the letter she sent to Ini on her Instagram page...Read

Nollywood actress, Ini Edo recently walked out of her 6-year old marriage to Philip Ehiagwina.
She confirmed the crash of her marriage in a series of tweets where she said she initiated the divorce proceedings to end the marriage even though she never cheated on her husband.

Her tweet also initiated the question of her husband cheating on her, especially since it is on record that her former husband, Philip had walked out of his first marriage to his first wife, Ruth Okoro before marrying the actress. That union lasted for 5 years (2002 – 2007) after allegations of infidelity and issues bordering on trust.

Reacting to Ini’s failed marriage, Ruth who is now a medical practitioner, took to her Instagram page to post the letter she had written to Ini in 2007. It reads:

“Hi Ini, I have information that you are having an affair with my husband, Philip Ehiagwina. He has been deceiving girls all over the place, making them believe he has heaven and earth. You are not the only girl obviously, but Ini watch your back so you don’t regret, I have nothing against you but a piece of advice. I heard that you might be pregnant for him, if it’s true, good luck. I called your manager and told her everything. You are a very pretty girl and should know how to respect your body and pray for the right husband. Do not be carried away by flashy things cause that could be deadly too. All that glitters isn’t gold, remember.” She posted.

Maybe the guy wants alimony....hehehehe his family friends should go take a seat, and leave Ini alone,....their guy na wash...

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