Tuesday, 21 October 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Oscar Pistorius Sentence To 5 Years In Prison

 South Africa's   the double-amputee sprinter, Oscar Pistorius, finally got judgement for killing his girlfriend Reeva  Steenkamp on the 14 of February, 2013.

Judge Thokozile Masipa in her ruling found  Oscar Pistorius guilty of negligence and the Judge in her ruling made a lot of points before delivering her final judgement of 5 years in prison some of those points were:

She noted that he had made huge contribution to society and the cause of the disabled and was a well know personality  internationally

  He did not want the victim to die, as evidenced by his efforts to save the victim

 Negative media reports might  have affected witness testimony

The society demands that offenders be punished

General public may not know different between justice and vengeance

She noted that the parents  of the victim were not coping well financially since the loss of their daughter and hoped  today's judgement would bring relief to all parties and they will be able to put the case behind them and move on.

She Concluded that:

Negligence  must be punished but not too heavyily or too lightly
The court should strike a balance between the accused, society and the strength of the offence, Punishment is at the discretion other judge.

 She noted he still suffers from trauma 8 months after. however he knew their was someone behind the door when he fired 4 shots into the door

The sentence was imposed for the charge of culpable homicide, which in South Africa means a person was killed unintentionally, but unlawfully.

He also received a 3 year sentence for the discharge of firearm, a sentence that was however suspended for 5 years on the condition that he is  not found guilty of another crime where there is negligence involving a firearm during that period.

The sentence falls short of the 10 years demanded by the defence and 3 years proposed by the prosecution

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