Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Woman Has 4 Babies In 9 Months (PHOTOS)

A 29 year old British woman, Sarah Ward, gave birth to four children in a space of nine months after falling pregnant with triplets just weeks after she gave birth to her first child.

Sarah Ward's son Freddie was only eight weeks  old when she and her partner Benn Smith, were shocked to discover they had triplets on the way. They later welcomed two boys - Stanley and Reggie and a girl, Daisy. Describing life since being the mother of four little children Sarah Ward said 'At times it feels more like running a nursery than a home but we feel blessed'.

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    ‘I was stunned when I found out I was pregnant again so soon. When we learned it was triplets we went into shock.

    ‘At times it’s utter chaos but we just laugh and get stuck in. It takes two hours to prepare to leave the house but we don’t dwell on the hard work. I love babies so I feel like the luckiest mum in the world.’ - the mum of four said..


Miss Ward had tried to conceive for more than a year and was due to see a GP for tests when she became pregnant with Freddie. So after he was born in June last year, the couple did not use birth control.

    "We wanted to have at least two children. Because it had taken so long with Freddie, we assumed it would take the same time again, if not longer.’ - Miss Ward said

In fact, Freddie was only eight weeks old when she learned she was expecting.

    ‘I started shaking. I had barely recovered from having Freddie. I was still wearing maternity clothing. I was wondering how on earth I was going to cope.’

A scan at 12 weeks revealed Miss Ward was expecting fraternal triplets.

    ‘The sonographer paused and asked if we knew how many babies we were having. Our mouths fell open because we thought she was telling us it was twins.

    ‘When she said triplets I nearly fell off the bed in shock. Neither of us could speak as she turned the screen to us and pointed out three little wriggling shapes. I just started crying when I realized they would be born before Freddie was one.’ she said.




Awwww!! Just look at them aren't they adorable!!! That cry cry baby will be troublesome sha

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