Saturday, 23 August 2014

PHOTOS: This Is The World's Most Expensive Apartment, It Is Worth £240M (N6.4b)

The luxury flat which sits at the top of a new skyscraper in Monaco is set to be the world's most expensive apartment. The apartment which overlooks the Mediterranean costs £240 million (over N6.4billion).It also has a slide which leads into the spectacular pool..

The multi-storey penthouse is located in Tour Odéon,and is the second tallest building in the city.The tower has been a source of controversy among residents of Beausoleil, a neighbouring town on the other side of the border with France, who complain that it has ruined their views.

If I sleep in this apartment will I wake up in heaven? That is the only thing that will make me consider it.....WHEN I have the money....hehehehehe.....but trust my Nigerian brothers we will soon hear that it is owned by a Nigerian!!

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