Saturday, 9 August 2014

Patrick Obahiagbon Denies The Viral FFK Tweet.

Truth be told I had a nagging feeling that tweet did not come from Hon. Patrick, The English was not up to his catch my drift?... it was not a standard Hon. Patrick English. Take another look at it.


Well he has disowned the tweet, through an email he sent to blogger Stella, of SDK. Read the email below:

''My Sister,
Thanks for your aproposical asseveration that the tweet on Femi Fani Kayode was denude of my idiolect.
That did not emanate from me my sister.I was not brought up using gutter language and am not about to learn that now.

Thanks for kind words all the time,Stella.
Very Truly Yours,
Patrick Obahiagbon''.

Now this is certainly the Hon. Patrick we all know.

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