Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pastor Lesego Pictured Stepping On His Members

Remember him? The Pastor of the grass eating Church in South Africa? If you missed that story (Read it here)

Pastor Lesego Daniel of the Rabboni Centre Ministries, South Africa made headlines early this year when he made his church members eat grass, claiming that eating grass will bring them closer to God. The backlash he got from that stunt obviously didn't affect him because he's still treating his members like animals.

He's pictured above stepping on his obedient members during a deliverance service recently.

file photo

Take a close look at the picture, where he is stepping on members, the member are not even flinching from his weight!! It is either they have been hypnotized or under a spell or drugged!! How on earth can this be religion?  Maybe they are his snakes and scorpions!!!

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