Sunday, 17 August 2014

More Controversy Around Nano Silver Sent To Nigeria For Ebola


Nano Silver is the first experimental treatment for the Ebola Virus to get to Nigeria for use of patients at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Lagos.

The use of Nano Silver was confirmed by the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu at a news conference in Abuja yesterday, stating it had been offered by a Nigerian in Diaspora.

According to him, the decision to use Nano Silver as part of the treatment regimen on the EVD patients is in line with the protocols of the National Health Research Ethics code, and will be monitored by the research committee to verify effectiveness.

This should be good news, that there is now a drug to try to treat the Nigerians who have tested positive for Ebola, but the Minister is not telling us all we need to know.

It is instructive to note that soon after the Nigerian announcement, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began to warn of products that fraudulently claim to prevent or treat Ebola.
Nano Silver is not classified as a drug, because it is not so certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ─ the American equivalent of NAFDAC.  Rather, Nano Silver is classified as a “supplement”

Its creator,  American Doctor, Rima Laibow who calls it a ‘drug-free medicine”  is into “natural solutions” or what is better known as alternative medicine. She sells things like “hemp oil” and “organic chocolate” as cure for illnesses.

    Normally this is how it is used:
    Rima launched a campaign of “10 PPM” to make Nano Silver available, with the theme “no one need die from Ebola: You and your friends can stop it”.
    Under the scheme, you are supposed to “make the pledge of 10″ ─ to get the information about Nano Silver across to 10 people.
    Step 1: Secure the protocol for the use of Nano Silver 10 PPM by going to her website and entering your email address.
    Step 2: Calculate how much Nano Silver 10 PPM you need and make sure you have enough on hand.
    Step 3: Take the Pledge for 10. Make yourself a promise that you will send out this information on social media and by email, in your club’s website, your PTA or whatever to make sure that at least 10 other people are protected in the same way.
    “Let’s do the math,” she says. “If 10,000 people protect themselves and enlist 10 each to do the same, we have a hundred thousand who will not die. Then when they share the protection information with enough people that 10 react to each one, we have a million people. Ten of their friends and we have 10 million.
    One more multiplication and we have 100 million people, 1/3 of the population of the United States.” 

A bit complicated, it seems, but an unnamed Nigerian has taken the offer and the solution to the Ebola outbreak  in Nigeria.
The American doctor  has made it even more imperative that we ask questions of our government officials.
She says;

    Let me be frank. I have serious concerns which I am sharing here with you about the sudden appearance of a Nano Silver “drug”. First of all, Nano Silver is a nutrient not a drug. Nano silver is also not a vaccine.

    The announcement today (Thursday) that nano silver will be brought to Nigeria by a doctor who “discovered” it and will patent it is very troubling.

    Despite the fact that our organization and I have been very public about the use of Nano Silver for Ebola, this doctor has not contacted me about this use (which is OK – perhaps he knows more than I do) and, much more concerning, has not secured his Nano Silver from the only manufacturer who has made a nano solution which has been shown in rigorous studies to inactivate the Ebola virus.

    I know because that is the manufacturer who makes the Nano Silver 10 PPM that our organization offers and is the precise solution which was used in the research referenced above which is, as far as I know, the only such research that has ever been conducted and published.

This is surely a concern, and we think the Nigerian government ought to take it seriously.
The Minister said to the press that details of how the Nano Silver drug was delivered to Nigeria will be disclosed later but we need the details now.

This our government will not kill us one day with lies!!! To be sincere I got news of the arrival of Nano silver a day before I published it because it did not sound right that` the name of the Nigerian scientist was not mentioned!!

I still feel they should allow us to try anything we can, at least it is not an insecticide or pesticide!!

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