Sunday, 17 August 2014

A Woman Claims She, And Not Beyoncé, Is The Real Mother Of Blue Ivy! She Has Filed A Maternity Case To Prove It!

a woman is claiming she and not beyonce is the real mother of blue ivy and has filed a maternity case to prove her alleged point

Some people are insane and should be treated as such, how on earth can you make such a claim!!!
A woman named Tina Seals has filed a maternity lawsuit in New York and her claims are beyond outrageous! Basically she's claiming that she's the mother of a lil' lady named Blue Ivy — an adorable little girl you all might know.

Which makes no sense since that's obviously Beyoncé's one and only!!!
The alleged legal filing happened because the woman wants "to verify whether she is the biological mother" and that she somehow has been "previously associated" with Queen Bey and Jay Z!
This is such a waste of time and resources.

We're almost certain that this woman is a total fibber if only for the reason that she's been involved in similar cases where she's named other celebrities that she had formerly associated with, and a few of them have been straight up thrown out of court — which we're assuming will happen here, too!
Some of the celebrities that she's filed similar suits against have included Mariah Carey, Kate Middleton, and Kim Kardashian.

Give it a rest, lady! People actually have real issues they deal with in court, and they don't need you clogging up the system!
Don't people have anything better to do than this?!


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